Mixturizer- Exploratio -- Saturatio

Mixturizer- Exploratio -- Saturatio
Smell the Stench Records

Mixturizer is the experimental noise project of the co-owner of Spanish label, RONF Records. Exploratio – Saturatio is the first Mixturizer album to be released by Australian label, Smell the Stench. Exploratio – Saturatio is a collection of five songs, ranging between 5 and 20 minutes in length.

With Exploratio – Saturatio, Mixturizer manages to find an equilibrium between structure and chaos. The chaos, often what sounds like guitar-generated noise, becomes a dynamic voice of its own; a polar-opposite of the stability provided by the ever-churning rhythm. It is easy to fall into an uneasy trance listening to this album, only to have all peace ripped away at the slightest change in structure.

Exploratio – Saturatio takes a different angle than I have previously been exposed to in Mixturizer’s work. The sound of Exploratio – Saturatio is a mix of dominating, rhythmic layers of stability accompanied by dynamic, harsh screeching tones of chaos. Each track is writhe with sounds, densely compacted, and neatly exploding at the seams. Mixturizer’s Exploratio – Saturatio is definitely a worthwhile addition to an already worthy discography of sounds.

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